My name is Layne and I'm a double PhD student in computer science and cognitive science at the University of Colorado Boulder, funded by an NSF GRFP fellowship.

I also taught preschool.

I've dedicated my PhD to building tools for early childhood development.

I'm the founder and director of
MindScribe, and we make interactive robotic objects to help young children tell reflective stories about their creative play.

I'd love to collaborate on how creativity might support resilience to trauma.

Selected Awards

2018: OpenIDEO Early Childhood Innovation Prize

2018: BizWest 'Innovation Quotient' 
IQ Award in Education

2018: Catalyze Venture Accelerator,
Demo Day Cohort

2018: ACM Human Robot Interaction Conference, 
2nd Prize Student Design Competition

2017: GlueCon & CapitalOne DevExchange,
2nd Prize Alexa Skills Hackathon

2017: NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

2015: Chancellor's Fellowship


2018: MindScribe: Toward Intelligently Augmented Interactions in Highly Variable Early Childhood Environments. ACM IUI Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces.

2018: MindScribe: Reflective Inquiry through Scaffolded Storytelling for Low-Income and Multilingual Early Childhood Communities. ACM HRI Conference on Human Robot Interaction.

In the News

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Layne pitching MindScribe at our 2018 Demo Day for the Catalyze CU Venture Accelerator. Photo by Justin Joseph.